California's housing affordability can no longer be ignored. Finally, politicians and the media are waking up to the scale of the emergency facing middle- and working-class Californians.

At Housing Is A Human Right, we have long argued for a multi-pronged approached to the crisis. It is essential to prevent homelessness through strengthened protections for California's 17 million renters, who are facing immediate danger of displacement and homelessness due to unfair, excessive rents. We also need to build more housing: truly, permanently affordable housing.

This is why we are pushing for the repeal of California's Article 34—a racist provision in our state constitution passed in 1950 that makes it nearly impossible for state and local governments to build affordable housing for middle- and low-income residents. We believe it is vital to build the sort of housing that is in scarce supply in California today: Not luxury housing, of which there is a glut statewide, but housing affordable to the state's working and middle classes. Our housing affordability crisis demands bold solutions. Repealing Article 34—along with repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act to allow us to expand rent control across the state—is a vital step for tackling this emergency.

Contact your state senators. Demand that they vote YES on SCA 1 to put a repeal of Article 34 on the ballot next year!